martes, 24 de enero de 2012

What do you use the computer for?

This year you have started a new adventure with computers, you are a member of RED XXI, that means you use the Web 2.0 in your school life. Nowadays the computer has became a book in your backpack and the internet is a new tool for studying and learning.

I want to propose you to write and tell everybody what tools do you use in the school, what do you use the computer for.

You will publish your composition in your blog as a part of your portfolio. After doing the process you will have to send the link to your teacher through an Edmodo assigment.

Remember it is very important to review your work specially the grammar. You can use the examples you have at page 17 in your English.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Telling a Story

Today we are going to record the story you have already created.

First of all I want you to remind the things that are important for you to practise if you want to success in this adventure:
  • The voice and the rhythm (you can tell more if you use a good tone of voice and the proper rhythm)
  • The music you use as a background of the story.
  • The correct pronuntiation (you are telling the story to somebody, they should understand you)
  • Remember how to deal with the kidblog.

So if you have prepared and rehearsed the story. You can register and create you own account on Spreaker. (Click on the picture, it will redirect you)

  • Create your own account ("Crea una cuenta")
  • Have a look to this two tutorials, they can help you to deal with the new tool.
  • Now you are ready to record your Story.
  • When you have finished this you have to embed your Spreaker Show into the Kidsblog. Remember the introduction, explanation and farewell are really important. (You can use this as an example)
Hi I'm _____________. This podcast show is a story telling. The story is about .........................................................................................................................
(You embed the Spreaker Show)
I hope you have enjoyed it.

  • If you have finished all this process then you will send the link to the teacher through the Edmodo Platform (you will have there an assignment).
  • Here you have the rubric we are going to use for the assessment. (Read it, it may help you to do it)
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