miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

Distance Calculation

Continuing with our Comenius project activities we are going to calculate the distances among all the school participants in the project.

We are going to do with Google maps and then we are going to capture a photo with an app which is called JING.

We are going to divided the class into five group. Each group will choose one of our Comenius Partners. You can find it into the website project:

Then have a look to this video tutorial to know what you have to do and how you should do it.

In the photo, it has to appear:
  • Names of both schools.
  • An arrow that match both school.
  • A box with the km.

When you will have finish everything, please send an e-mail with the photo attached in it to the Comenius e-mail: sangregorio.comenius@gmail.com. Write on the Issue: The name of the school you work on and the name of your class. And as a text of the e-mail write the names of the members of your group.

Here you have the link to download and install JING.

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