viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2012



  1. Create a presentation with five slides:
  2. First slide: TITLE (Your costume´s photo)
  3. Second slide: Write nine sentences about you.
    • Use Grammar ticket A.B. page 26. Have to / don´t have to.
    • Use the key words C.B. page 24.
      • Clean the floor.
      • Do the shopping.
      • Do the washing-up.
      • Make (your) bed.
      • Take the rubbish out.
      • Tidy up
      • Go to the market.
      • Look after the animals.
      • Look after young brothers and sisters.
  4. Choose a famous to this presentation and you have to dress-up like his or her.
  5. Make pairs and you have to imagine that you were a journalist years ago. You are going to make questions sentences to interview your partner.
    • Use Grammar Ticket A.B. page 28. Past simple questions.
    • Yes / No.
    • Wh-questions: What, where, who, when, why and How.
  6. Rec the interview and upload to youtube. (SCRIPT)
  7. Use the answers to write a composition about your famous partner.
    • Use Grammar Ticket A.B. page 24. Past simple and list of irregular verbs on page 92.
    • There will be seven sentences or more in the composition.

And your evaluation will be with this rubric:


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