viernes, 18 de enero de 2013

SCIENCE PROJECT: I'm an astronomer

This unit you have been learning about THE SOLAR SYSTEM, THE EARTH, THE MOON and ECLIPSES and finally STARS, CONSTELLATIONS and GALAXIES.

As a final task and project of this unit we are going to invite you to create a lesson about what you have learnt. We want you to be as much original as you can. 

Here you have some guidelines to help you to work:

The presentation of the activity and the performance will have a SCRIPT, which you should show to the teacher before acting:
  • START: Group´s presentation and activity´s presentation.
  • NUB: Explain the activity. Each member of the group has got a role in the performance. (Explain with your own words)
  • ENDING: Activity´s conclusion and farewell.
To evaluate your project we will use the following rubric. 
Rúbrica para evaluar la EXPRESIÓN ORAL


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