martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Population and Diversity.

Let's move onto the next topic in this unit. This time we will learn about POPULATION AND DIVERSITY. We are going to have a look to the different countries of Europe as one of the continent. This is a Political Map of Europe with all the countries. Let's have a look to it and a answer the following question:

Which countries are next to Latvia? Test your partner about it and create some new questions.

This video will be a funny way of learning the name of the countries of Europe:


  • Europe is the third most populated continent after Asia and Africa.
  • About 730 million people live in Europe, the 11% of the world's poupulation. 
  • The largest cities are London, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

  • There are forty - eight independent nations in Europe.


  • Europe  is home to mani differente inmigrant from Latin America, India, Africa and other places.
  • There is a great diversity of origins, religious beliefs, cultural traditions and languages.

Between thirty and forty major languages are spoken in Europe. How many languages can you list?

Play and review the topic with this activity:

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