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After having learnt about RIVERS and CLIMATE. Let's move onto last important part of the Environment: VEGETATION AND FAUNA

Before going indeep with this topic maybe it would be great to have a look to a video, but please pay attention to it because at the end you have to answer a question:
  • Can you name any animals or plants from the video?

Each climate has its own flora and fauna.
FLORA is all the plants life or vegetation in an area.

FAUNA is all the animal life in an area.


PLANT HABITATS can be affected by pollution, the growth of citiesor the explotation of natural resources.
Animals and plant species are disapearing or they are in danger of extinction.

NATIONAL PARKS are areas that govermente created to preserve and protect the enviroment like:

  • TEIDE in Spain.
  • SNOWDONIA in the United Kingdom.
  • VANOISE in France.
  • HARZ in Germany.

After having a look to all about the environment: RIVERS, CLIMATE and VEGETATION AND FAUNA. We will finish  with the thinking routine we had started this unit: THINKING ROUTINE: 3-2-1 BRIDGE
Now you need to complete again the chart but with the new ideas you have. 

So in your notebook near the previous one let's draw and complete the following chart.

TIPS: Maybe to write an analogy or a metaphor will be very difficult for you in a foreing language so we invite you to write it in your own language, in this case Spanish. Here you have some examples that could help you to do it. ANALOGIES: "El perro es a ladrar como el gato a maullar". "Piloto es a avión como maquinista es a tren". METAPHORES: "El trabajo es pan comido" "Tus ojos brillan como diamantes".

DISCOVER AND REFLEX ABOUT THE BRIGDE: when we are talking about brigde is how your ideas have changed, what new concepts you have learnt, how you have learnt all these new things. 

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