martes, 10 de junio de 2014

The middle Ages

Let's start a new topic of Science. As always we will start with a THINKING ROUTINE. The thinking routine is THINK - PAIR - SHARE. We are going to review what we have learnt about history so:

  • THINK: about what we have learn about prehistory, Iberians and Romans and try to represent it on your notebook on a timeline.
  • PAIR: check it with your partner and complete it in case you need. 
  • SHARE: We will try to complete one timeline with all your ideas. 

Let's have a look to this video and answer this questions:
  • What shape was the visigothic church?
  • Can you describe a bit how the floor of the church was?


In 409 A.D.  the Vandals invaded Spain.

The Visigoths established a kingdom on the Iberian Peninsula.


The Visigoths crossed the Pyrenees went to the center of Hispania. They established Toledo as their capital.
Later they conquered the places occupied by the Germanic Tribes. 

They changed their language, religion and laws to unify their new kingdom. They adopted the Hispano-Roman culture and converted to Christianity. They based on Roman law.

They lived in villages. They used land for agriculture and livestock farming. They were expert metalworkers. 

The Visigothic kingdom ended after the Muslim invasion in 711 AD.

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