miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2016

Diseñando prototipos (Tarea Arts & Crafts) Proyecto Integrado 5ºEP

Aim of the moment 3: Diseñar un contenedor para reciclar desde la creatividad y el cuidado del medio ambiente en su fase de producción. 

STEP 1: Let's organize your Arts & Craft block. In the sheet you need to divide it leaving 2 parts of it to draw the picture and 1 part of it two write about the product. 

STEP 2: Start with your prototype. You have 30 minutes for it. And it should follow the following ideas:

  • It should be something to use  in the houses. 
  • It should promote recycling at least (glass, paper, plastic and organic things)
  • It shouldn't be very expensive.
  • You should use as many recycled materials as you can. 
  • It should be functional. 
  • It should be creative and original.

STEP 3: In the other part you have to write about the materials you will use to produce it and the cost it will have in a shop.  Also a sentences to promote it (like a slogan). (You will have ten minutes)

When you finish use the Ipad to take a photo of your work (it will be very useful for you to upload into the final post in the portfolio)

STEP 4: Time for the contest. Take a paper with a number and place your worksheet with that number on it.  
Everybody will vote two of them, by written the two numbers in a paper and give it to the teacher. 

The five most voted will take part in the final contest through a voting using EDMODO.

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