martes, 7 de marzo de 2017

Working with Geometry at Arts & Crafts lesson.

Along during different lessons in Arts & Crafts we are going to work in order to learn different geometrical shapes.


Today we are going to work with a very famous artist called Mondrian. He has a very famous picture called "Composición en rojo, negro, amarillo y azul", he painted this picture on 1921. 

This time you will try to reproduce this picture into your drawing block, for that your teacher will give you different black stripes so you can stick in the way you prefer, creating these squares you can look on the original picture. Then feel free to colour it with red, white, yellow and black.

REMEMBER: You are going to create the picture you are not going to copy. 


Today we are going to become artist as Mondrian was in the past. Do you remember the characteristics of the picture we were working on the last lesson?

  • Squares, with different sizes.
  • Black lines.
  • Yellow, black, blue and white on it.
So this time you are going to work with you THINKING TWIN or your COOPERATIVE GROUP. We are going to colour different shapes, objects, things, parts of the body, animals, etc... Using the same technique as Mondrian do. 
  • With your thinking twin let's tal about what each other wants to draw. It could be your partner face, your famourite animal, your favourite toy....
  • Start drawing this picture into your drawing block. Please try to make it big enough using the whole sapce you have it. 
  • Then take your ruler and start drawing lines to cut it into squares. 
  • Let's colour it using Mondrian Technique. 
Here you can have really good examples about how to do it. 


Today we are going to play a bit and work with a game called TANGRAM. It is a game formed by different geometrical shapes you can join and move in order to create different final products. so along this lesson you are going to create you own tangram and play with you THINKING TWIN OR COOPERATIVE GROUP. 

First of all you are going to have a tangram to colour like you prefer, it doesn't matter the colours you have to do it with your favourite ones. 

Once you have finished you will cut, please be careful, do it calmly you are not in a hurry. 

With you THINKING TWIN or your COOPERATIVE GROUP you can start practising any one of the following objects. Maybe your teacher will give you a copy so you can have in your group. All the group will practise the same, so you can help one to each other. 

At the end, let's choose one of it and create it into your drawing block. If you want you can also decorate it with a landscape. 


We are going to do a test. First of all we are going to remind which are the basic geometrical shapes

Now with your THINKING TWIN or your COOPERATIVE GROUP you are going to complete the following document. 

Now it would be time to use these tips to create your own landscape picture. Try to do your best, there are different options, you can draw and colour or you can draw the shapes in other coloured papers and then cut them and stick into the drawing block. 

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