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eTwinning Task: "A radio programme"


Create a radio programme with an interview and a broadcast from a sport center.


We strongly suggest to you the following steps in order for your group to success:

STEP 1: Distribute the roles in your group. Make sure everybody has understood their role and the aim of this task.

STEP 2: Open the Learning Diary for this task. IMPORTANT: It is a new document, only about this task and the same of the whole task. Let's share it with your mates and your teacher. And remember you have to complete everyday. 

STEP 3: Using the cooperative learning technique you will read the rubric and decide in your group:
  • What does a good final product look like?
  • Which things are important for a good radio programme?

We are going to use the Cooperative Learning Technique: Let's Spin the sheet. 

STEP 4: Let's prepare the interview, you are going to decide a famous person to interview, You will ask him or her:
  • 3 questions about personal data.
  • 3 questions about his or her likes and dislikes
  • 3 questions you want to know.
You should prepare the questions and the answers, and then your teacher will check it for you. 

TIPS: You can have a look at page 143 for grammar tips and the following photo to remind how to write down a question

STEP 5: Let's imagine you are a sport journalism and you are going to report what's taking place in the sport center. You are there with 10 of your class mates and you have to describe what they are doing now with 10 sentences. 

TIPS: You can have a look at page 144 for grammar tips and to the following photo to remind how to write down a sentences using present continuous. 

STEP 6: Create the Script of your radio programme in a Power Point Presentation.  The following one could be an example for you. And then you should upload the presentation into the Office Mix.  

STEP 7: Let's look for a tune to your radio programe. You will use it at the begining, to separate both parts of the programme and to conclude.

STEP 8: It would be time to record your radio programe . 
To record we are going to use Audacity:

to host the podcast we are going to use the tool: SoundCloud.

STEP 9: Prepare your final post in your Digital Portfolio. Remember it should have different parts:
  • Hello, I'm........
  • These are the final products for the task.................... This task is part of our eTwinning project 'Mass Media in our daily life'.
  • In this presentation we have prepare the script for the radio programme.
  • And finally here you can listen to our Radio Programme.
  • Bye, bye I hope you liked it.
Remember you have to use the tags: 
  • Colsangregorio.
  • Red XXI
  • English
  • Year 5
  • eTwinning
Here you have an example to help you with the final design. 

STEP 10:  Sent to your teacher through Microsoft Classroom. 


    Teacher's assesment (60% of the final mark) Maximum 36 points

Self-assesment (20% of the final mark) Maximum 36 points

Peer evaluation (20% of the final mark) Maximum 24 points

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