viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

MONUMENTS OF AGUILAR. (e-Twinning Project, Year 5)

It is time to do the second activity for our e-Twinning project: "A touristic guide about my town". The first actity was about the history of our towns. Here you can follow the links and you can see the final products of this activity from the different schools:

Once we have investigated about the history it's time to study how this history had been expressed in our towns through the art and the different monuments.

The activity will be very easy we will create Google Drive Presentations among all the students of each class, each pair should complete one slide of the presentation following the given pattern.

The teacher will invite you to the presentation and each pair will work in the slide showing these points:
  • Name of the monument.
  • Year it was built.
  • A bit of history: (Three sentences about it)
  • Photo of the monuments. 
Here you have an example of a possible final product. 

With the following links you will decide which monument you would like to work on and all the needed information.

These are the link of the presentation you have to complete:

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