miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

Tips for Scratch.

With the following post I will try to help you to understand the different option SCRATCH will offer you to create your story. 

First of all you have different BACKGROUNDS. You can take them and swap if you need, also you can create your personal ones. 

It will be the same for the characters. You can choose different characters for the story and you can use with them different commands from the programmes. 

In the EVENTOS part you will find different commands to start something or to send a message to other objects of the story. You will find a videotutorial about the message at the end of this post. 

Also you can move the objects along the screen to create to do this you have to use all the comands you can find in the MOVIMIENTO part and also it will be very important to look for the x and y. 

To  create a story is very important the dialogues among the different characters. To create these dialogues you will use all the commands for the APARIENCIA part.

To use the different commands you have to place them in order into the PROGRAMMING AREA. Please be careful with what object you are choosing, you are working and programming the one it is circled in blue. 

One of the most useful things for creating the stories will be the command MENSAJE (Recibir / Enviar). We will record a videotutorial to teach and remember you how to deal with you. Please let's watch it calmly and try to practice to fix your idea. 

Another good idea to learn about how to create stories and dialogues in Scratch will be to look into a story which is already done for you. So please click on the next link and then click on VER DENTRO. 

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