lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Mission 4: Creating characters - Decorating the stage

Along this fourth mission you will:
  • Be aware about all the materials, characters and backgrounds of your film. You will also design and create all of them.

You need to prepare all your backgrounds and characters. Here there are some links to help you to work on this idea.  
Now you can watch a playlist of Youtube, these videos were done by some students of our school, San Gregorio. They worked in a project called: Scary Short Films

We also offer you a videotutorial about how to create character for StopMotion.

You can use the following document with each scene. It will help the group and yourself to be sure that everything it is fixed and ready for record. 

Along these mission you can invite some SUPERHEROS to come to class and help you create the backgrounds and the characters. These SUPERHEROS are your parents. You can invite them in the second lesson we deal with this. 

Read and remember the rubric which can help you and guide in your ideas

Once you have finish this mission you have three important task to do before continue with mission number five:
  • Start with your learning diary. 
    • Let's open the  Google Drive Document in which you started the Leaning Diary the previous mission.
    • Write the date.
    • Answer these questions:
      • Three things I have learnt.
      • How do I learn these things?
      • Do I want to learn more about something? What?
      • What can I improve for the next mission?
  • Evaluate your mates. Let's update the ranking of our game. Remember the  group will has 50 points in each mission and you can distribute among your partners like you want. Let's communicate to the teacher.
This mission has a Special Bonus of 10 points to the people who came to the second lesson with the SUPERHEROS to help you into class.

You can see how the ranking is going in this document. The winner will have a special prize at the end of the project. 

  • Present all your tasks to your teacher for your badge. If everything is correct you will have a badge to show you are A GOOD STAGE DESIGNER at ClassBadges

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