viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

Working with inventions (Year 2)

Our world has changed a lot along the last few years because lots of inventions have started to live with us. Do you know what an invention is?

Let's do Think - Pair - Share:

Think: Personally you will think about what you consider an invention is.
Pair: Let's talk with your Thinking Twin about it and decide a common definition for an invention. 
Share: Say your ideas aloud to share them with you whole class group. 

AN INVENTION IS.................................

As we have defined invention is something which improve our lives, let's complete the following chart with our daily life machines.

We are going to create and investigate about the history of different inventions. First of all we are going to think on different daily machines you want to investigate about.

In groups of four we are going to do the Cooperative Learning Technique: SPIN THE SHEET, and in the paper we are going to write down different invention which are important in your daily life. 

Then a member of each group will read your ideas for everybody and then we will decided the most important ones and in pairs you will investigate about it and complete the worksheet. 

With all the worksheet we are going to order them into a TIME LINE. 


Let's invent something and draw a prototype into your Arts and Craft book. Then you have to explain your mates how it works and what are you going to use it for.

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