lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

World Enviroment Day 5th June

Today we will start a new project but we are going to begin it thinking about our planet and the enviroment on the World Enviroment Day which we celebrate today. 

We are going to work on the following video using a thinking routine: I see, I think, I wonder

Let's try to explain yourself deeply, with your own words and feeling, thinking not only in the video but also in all the things it suggests to you. 

Once you have finish and before comment all your ideas and sharing with the whole class try to type it into the padlet and have a look about your partners ones. 

Hecho con Padlet

Now it would be great to have a look around yourselves, your daily life, your town, your school. Can you do it something to change these situations? How can you take care of the enviroment in your daily life?

We are going to use the cooperative learning technique: 1- 2- 4

1: You will think personally about these questions.
2:  You will share your ideas and complete them with your mate.
4: You will share your ideas and complete them with your cooperative group.

Hecho con Padlet

Now all of us are ready to work on our new science project: POLLUTION

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