martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

My first presentation.

To review unit 1 you are going to make your first presentation in DRIVE.

Below you will find all the instructions.

  1. Describe (eight sentences) the Van Gogh's BEDROOM using the PREPOSITIONS and the Grammar ticket on the AB page 5:
    • Prepositions: behind, in, next to, under, between, in front of, on.
    • There is / There are
  2. Make ten questions to the INTERVIEW. (Show the teacher the script which will be used)
    • Using the grammar ticket on the AB page 7. Present simple questions.
    • Remember you don't repeat the main verbs.
    • Make a script to interview your partner.
  3. Write a composition of your partner using the grammar ticket on the page 8.
    • Using the interview's answers.
    • Ten sentences using Presente simple 3rd person singular
  4. Make a DRIVE presentation with five slides:
    • Cover page with the title, your name, your classroom and your school.
    • Van Gogh's bedroom picture and its description.
    • Your interview which is uploading to youtube with the questions.
    • Your partner's composition with the ten sentences.
    • The farewell.
Don´t forget you to embed your presentation in a new post in kidblog. After send me the URL´s post to EDMODO by asignament.

And your evaluation will be with this rubric:


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