miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

Comparative Adjectives

In one of our past topics we were talking about ADJECTIVES and how to use them. This time we will look about HOW TO COMPARE THINGS using adjectives. We are going to study COMPARATIVES.

  • The regular adjectives we add -ER at the end: FAST-FASTER.
  • If the adjectives finishes with -Y we will change it into an -I and -ER:  PRETTY  -   PRETTIER.
  • If the adjective has the structure Consonant -Vowel -Consonant, we have to double the last consonant: BIG  -  BIGGER.
  • If the adjective has more than two syllables we add MORE: BEAUTIFUL - MORE BEAUTIFUL.

Also we have irregular adjectives we should learn it by heart: GOOD - BETTER  /  BAD - WORSE.

In the following website you will find more info about their use and how to create them.

This video could help you to understand better the grammar about this topic:

With the following activities you can practice how to write and create sentences with Comparative Adjectives:

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