jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014


With this video you will have a small idea about the SPANISH COASTLINE specially about the north coast. 


Spain has more than 6.000 km of Coastlines.

  • CANTABRIAN COAST: It has rocky cliffs, estuaries and gulfs.
  • ATLANTIC COAST: In the northwest (Galicia) it is high and rocky with many estuaries. In the South (Gulf of Cadiz) it is low-lying and sandy.
  • MEDITERRANEAN COAST: It is low-lying and sandy. Beaches are very long.
  • CANARY ISLAND: In the Atlantic Coast but it varies greatly.
  • BALEARIC ISLAND: In the Mediterranean Coast it has high coasts, but it also alternates with long beaches. 


We are going to finish all the topic about LANDSCAPES with a THINKING ROUTINE: GENERATE - SORT- CONNECT -ELABORATE. This is a routine to organize your understanding about this topic through a mind map.

GENERATE: You will have post-it or pieces of paper. You will write all the ideas that come to your mind when you think about LANDSCAPES. You will have 5 minutes.

SORT: Now it's time to sort the ideas with my partners. We are going to say to them what my ideas were and also we will place them depending on how much important they are. Central ideas will go in the center, tangencial ideas or examples will go in the sides. You will have another 5 minutes.

CONNECT: Once you have presented your ideas to the rest. Maybe some of your partners will have ideas which are the same as yours or they are very similiar, or just they have something in common. It would be great if you place all this ideas together. You have to explain (in English) how these ideas are connected. You will have 5 minutes. 

ELABORATE: Now it's the turn of the mind map. With all the process you will have lots of ideas but maybe you will need also to add new ideas and expand the ones your group has talked about. You will have 10 minutes for this. 

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