jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Primary and secondary sectors in Spain

During the last lesson we had a quick view about ECONOMY, talking about what all the sectors are and they main thing they work on. Today we are going to focus our attention in the Primary and Secondary Sector in our country Spain. 

Let's watch this video about a man from Palencia. At the end of the video we want you to answer this video:

  • What are the best and the worst things for him as a crop farmer?


Nowadays the active population in Spain is aroun 23 million of people. And because of the crisis 16,5 million are employed and around 6 million are unemployed people. 

The active population is divided in:

  • 4.4 % work in the primary sector.
  • 20.6 % work in the secondary sector.
  • 75 % work in the service sector


The main sector activities are Agriculture, livestock farming and fishing.

  • On the plains.
  • Wheat, barley, olives, grapes, potatoes, vegetables, fruit.

Livestock farming:
  • Sheeps and poultry on the plains.
  • Cattle on the mountain areas.

  • On the coast areas.

Other important activities mining and forestry.


Main industries are near the big city. Important industries are: 
Metal industry

Chemical industry

Food industry

Telecommunications industry

Textile industry

Car industry.

The construction was important in the past but nowadays has decreased a lot. 

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