martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


During a couple of weeks we have been talking about THE EARTH. As a final project for this topic we will create a poster to show everybody some rules we should follow to take care of THE EARTH and THE ATMOSPHERE.

Related Grammar:  To express our ideas we need to use:
  • I MUST......... (to say things I have to do for The Earth)
  • I MUSTN'T ...... (to say thing I don't have to do for The Earth)
The process we will follow to do this activity will be:
  • Divide the class into pairs to have a brainstorm about habits to take care or not of The Earth.
  • Write down in the blackboard all of these ideas.
  • Teacher will give you one of those ideas and with a partner you will write and draw a picture in the worksheet. 
  • Create the poster with all your classmates. 
  • Finally you will choose your favourite one and you will write down in your worksheet and draw your own picture. This one will fill away in your portfolios.