jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

Last task for our Augmented Zoo (Natural Science - Year 1)

We are getting the end of or project so we are nearly ready to prepare the final product our Zoo, our Augmented Zoo.  First of all we are going to visit a zoo with a song, let's think on the animals we can find in a Zoo.

We are going to identify most of the animals we have watched on the video and then we will classify some of them into the following worksheet.



STEP 1: Join your THINKING TWIN. Tell him or her which your favourite animal is.

STEP 2: Work with your THINKING TWIN. Tell him or her what you are going to write in the different part of the chart:
  • COVERING: fur, feathers, scales, moist skin.
  • BORN: Viviparous - Oviparous.
  • LIVE: in the farm, in the forest, in the sea......
  • EAT: Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore.
STEP 3: Think on different sentences about you animal using:
  • It is ..........
  • It has.........
STEP 4: Draw a picture about your animal in the rectangle which is in the upper part of the worksheet. 

STEP 5: Time for writing all this information little by little in you worksheet. 

STEP 6: Let's check with you THINKING TWIN everything is correct. 

When we finish we are going to record videos about our animals and create the QR codes, using the QR-code extension for Google Chrome. 


Let's draw a wonderful picture of your animal and we are going to stick all of them in a big poster with all the paths and roads of the zoo. Near the picture you are going to stick the QR codes. And invite your parents to have a look to our final product. 

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