miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

Project: Augmented Zoo (Year 1 - Lesson 3)

In this lesson abot Animals we are going to learn about how to classify them depending on two characteristics:

  • What they eat.
  • How they are born.

First we are going to start thinking on what an animal can eat. 

Can you think on one animal and its favourite food?

The following song could help us to learn the three new words: CARNIVORE, HERBIVORE and OMNIVORE.

Also we have different groups of animals depending on how they are born. Let's check this video and try to make a small picture with the two different possibilites of an animal to be born. 

Let's practice your learning with the following game. You will enjoy a lot:

It is time to start classifying animals. We have asked you to bring some photos, or also we can make pictures if you find easily. Then you will display them in the following chart. 
If you need some examples to draw: PARROT, SHEEP, LIZARD, FROG, LION, ....

We are going to finish drawing in the following chart, you have to draw one animal of each group. It would be amazing if you write the name of it also. 

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