jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017

Project: My Augmented Zoo (Year 1 Primary - Lesson 2)

After learning what a living or a non-living things are, it is time to focus our attention into one of the biggest groups of living things: THE ANIMALS. 

To start with this part of our project we are going to work first our communicative skills, we are going to introduce a new question to our daily routines. 

My favourite animal is................

With your THINKING TWIN you are going to talk and finally you will introduce HIS or HER favourite animal. 

For describing the animals we need to know which the different parts of the body are. Do you think animals have legs, eyes, nose.......?  Yes, they have. Let's learn a bit more about the vocabulary with the following presentation.

Animal body parts de laura_paino

Now it is time to play with your Thinking Twin. Your teacher will leave some worksheets on the table with the labels, you have to label the pictures. You can only go to other table if the teacher has checked everything is correct. 

With the following book we are going to discover the different animal covering. 
  • What does an animal have around the body?
  • Do all of the animals have the same around their body?
Book titled 'Animal body coverings'

Let's practice what you have learnt about the different body coverings by labelling the different animals we worked in the previous activity. Using the words: FUR, SCALES and FEATHERS.

To sum up the whole lesson you are going to draw your favourite animal and label the main parts of it. You will also complete two  sentences. Let's use the following worksheet for that purpose. 

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