martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Working Maths and Statistic at Year 1 (Project Augmented Zoo - Lesson 5)

Today in our Augmented  Zoo project we are going to work a bit of Maths and we are going to work on how to create a graph to represent the results of some questions.

We are going to investigate about pet, these are the animals that we can have at home living with us. The following song will help us to learn the vocabulary.  
  • Which animal names do you listen in the song?

Now it is time to work with our THINKING TWINS. You will have two rectangles in which you are going to record the answers of the questions. We are going to work on these questions:
  • Do you have a pet? 
    • Yes: Green square and the name. 
    • No: Red square and the name. 

  • Which is your favourite pet?
    • Dog: brown square and the name
    • Cat: grey square and the name.
    • Turtle: green square and the name.
    • Fish: orange square and the name.
    • Bird: blue square and the name. 
With your rectangles you are going to create the graph with your classmates in a big poster. 

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